Bill Douglas

Bill Douglas


William (Bill) Douglas is an award-winning mind-body author, who was recently invited to Harvard Medical School to present on two global movements to educate the planet on the science of the power of our consciousness, and how mind-body practices can take us to whole new levels of possibility in our lives. He was the 2009 Inductee to the Internal Arts Hall of Fame in New York, and has been a mind-body source for major media planetwide: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC World Radio Network, China's Xinhua News Agency, South China Morning Post, etc.

Bill currently teaches Mind-Body for the University of Kansas health system and the University of Kansas School of Medicine. His books and teaching have changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide; including his books "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tai Chi & Qigong," "The Tao of Tai Chi: The Making of a New Science," and "The Gospel of Science: Mind Blowing New Science on Ancient Truths to Heal Our Stress, Lives, and Planet."



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