Glynis McCants

Glynis McCants


Numerologist Glynis McCants has been studying Numerology for over 30 years and is a Master Numerologist. Her unique method is based on the Pythagoras Number system, which is more than 2,500 years old. After studying Numerology for 13 years and doing approx. 15,000 readings, Glynis wrote her international bestselling book Glynis Has Your Number. It has become the go-to book for people eager to learn all about Numerology. After successfully picking her husband by the Numbers, Glynis was inspired to write her second bestseller Love by the Numbers. 

You may have seen Glynis on 60 Minutes, The Today Show, Nightline, CBS' The Talk, The View, Entertainment Tonight, The Dr. Phil show and many others. The producers of the movie Number 23 hired her as the Numerology expert for the Jim Carrey film, and she has a Numerology segment on the Number 23 DVD teaching the Life Path Numbers.

Glynis says that when you have someone's name and date of birth, you can discover exactly who they are. Numbers are not just in people, but also in our homes, businesses, pets, etc. Her mission is to simplify Numerology so we can all change our lives for the better!



Past Shows:

  • 2024 in Numerology / Solar Cycles & Civil Unrest

    Numerologist Glynis McCants discussed the World Energy of the year of 2024. Followed by journalist and researcher Alex Ansary on the impact of solar cycle 25 and how increased sunspots and geomagnetic storms correlate with civil unrest.More »
  • Numerology for 2024 / Alien Abduction

    Numerologist Glynis McCants shared a preview of the year 2024, and looked back at 2023. Followed by researcher R.L. Poole on his experiences as an alien abductee.More »
  • Numerology & Events / Hypnosis & Remote Viewing

    Numerologist Glynis McCants presented perspectives on this year, and 2024. Followed by hypnotist and remote viewer, Michelle Freed sharing her techniques and research.More »
  • 2023 Numerology / Atlantis & UFOs

    Numerologist Glynis McCants talked about the out-of-control weather so far in 2023, and what's in store for the year. Followed by author Will Hart on UFOs, ancient mysteries, and Atlantis.More »
  • Anti-Aging Research

    Dr. Bart Kosko delved into concepts of immortality and the implications if billionaires get access to anti-aging technology before everyone else. In the first hour, numerologist Glynis McCants explained the meaning of numbers, and provided her numerological insights into the...More »
  • Numerology Forecast / Ghosthunting in Scotland

    Numerologist Glynis McCants offered an outlook on 2023, and a numerological pattern this December. Followed by ghosthunter Rick McCallum on his investigations of haunted locations in Scotland and the UK.More »
  • Numerology & Current Events / Afterlife Interviews

    Numerologist Glynis McCants offered analysis on the energy of 2022 and names in the news. Followed by journalist and filmmaker Rich Martini on his afterlife communications.More »
  • Numerology of 2022 / Mind-Body Practices

    Numerologist Glynis McCants discussed how the energy of 2022 is playing out. Followed by teacher Bill Douglas on the transformative nature of mind-body practices.More »
  • 2022 Numerology / Dreams & the HU Technique

    Numerologist Glynis McCants discussed what the new energy of 2022 has in store for us. Followed by psychologist and sociologist, Dr. Nicole and Michael Sebastian on dreams and the ancient HU technique.More »
  • 2021 Numerology / Creatures of the Northwoods

    Numerologist Glynis McCants discussed how the energy of 2021 has been manifesting, and the meaning of home address numbers. Followed by researcher Chad Lewis on the strange creature lore of lumberjacks.More »
  • Numerology in 2021 / Paranormal Pioneers

    Numerologist Glynis McCants shared a forecast for the rest of 2021. Followed by historian Mitch Horowitz discussing paranormal pioneers: the groundbreaking voices of occult, paranormal, and UFO studies.More »
  • Numerology in 2021 / Devils Den UFO Encounter

    Numerologist Glynis McCants discussed how the new energy of 2021 will play out in the coming months. Followed by Terry Lovelace detailing his 1977 alien abduction experience and related accounts.More »
  • Numerology of the Election & 2021 / Working with Dreams

    Glynis McCants discussed the numerology of the election, and the months ahead. Followed by Serge Kahili King, Ph.D. with techniques for utilizing and understanding our dreams.More »
  • Numerology Insights / Marley Woods Anomalies

    Numerologist Glynis McCants discussed what to expect in the remaining months of 2020. Followed by UFO researcher Thomas M. Ferrario on the work of Ted Phillips, and the mysterious Marley Woods.More »
  • Numerology in 2020 / UFO Revelations & Predictions

    Glynis McCants discussed numerology for the rest of 2020, and coping techniques. Followed by Timothy Green Beckley on channeled alien messages.More »
  • Numerology of 2020 / Lucid Dreaming Techniques

    Glynis McCants shared a numerology forecast for 2020. Followed by Ian Jaydid on lucid dreaming and astral projection.More »
  • Numerology Cycles / Algorithms & Divisiveness

    Numerologist Glynis McCants shared her analysis of upcoming cycles. Followed by Robert Elliott Smith on the growth of AI and algorithms.More »
  • Numerology Forecast / Protecting the Grid

    Numerologist Glynis McCants shared her analysis of this year’s cycle of "3." Followed by William Forstchen on threats to the electrical grid.More »
  • 2019 in Numerology / Science & Spirituality

    Numerologist Glynis McCants discussed how this year’s cycle of 3 will play out. Followed by Dr. Melvin Morse on NDEs, remote viewing, and science.More »
  • Numerology Insights / TSP Remote Viewing

    Numerologist Glynis McCants offered analysis for 2018 and 2019. Followed by Nancy DuTertre on her own method of remote viewing.More »
  • Numerology Insights/ UFOs & Alien Contacts

    Numerologist Glynis McCants spoke about the "8" month of August and beyond. Followed by Robert Stanley on his sightings and ET contact experiences.More »
  • Numerology & 2018/ Dark Side of the Occult

    First Half: Numerologist Glynis McCants spoke about how this year's cycle of 2 is playing out. Followed by Mitch Horowitz on Anton LaVey and Satanic ideas.More »
  • Alternative Health/ Numerology Forecasts

    Pharmacist Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts. Followed by numerologist Glynis McCantson what she sees in store for world events and leaders.More »
  • Numerology/ Psychedelics & Consciousness

    Numerologist Glynis McCants shared updates on how the year is unfolding. Followed by Prof. Martin W. Ball on transformative plants and consciousness.More »
  • George Noory's Birthday Bash

    In a heartfelt evening, George Noory's birthday celebration featured numerous surprise guests and callers.More »
  • Numerology & 2017/ Paranormal Beliefs

    Numerologist Glynis McCants discussed numbers and fate. Sociologists Christopher D. Bader and Joseph O. Baker examined paranormal beliefs.More »
  • 2017 in Numerology/ Planet X Arrival

    Numerologist Glynis McCants explained how 2017 starts the cycle of 1. Followed by David Meade on evidence for the return of Planet X in 2017.More »
  • Numerology/ ET Wars

    Numerologist Glynis McCants describes how patterns of events unfold exactly according to the energy signature of specific numbers. In the first half, she discussed how the year 2016 is unfolding numerologically and what the numbers have to say about our world and the near...More »
  • Numerology/ Drones & Robots

    In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants shared her analysis of recently deceased music superstars such as Prince, and what the numbers say about the US presidential candidates. In the latter half, author and researcher David Wellington reported on the use of drones, and...More »
  • 2016 Numerology/ Psychology & Supplements

    In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants addressed what the year 2016 means numerologically, as well as provided a rundown of the numbers for the US presidential candidates. In the latter half, expert in the fields of communication and relationships, Dr. John Gray,...More »
  • Anomalous Star & Space News/ Numerology

    In the first half, senior astronomer at SETI, Seth Shostak, talked about the anomalous star KIC 8462852 and the methods scientists are using to explore its unusual characteristics. In the latter half, numerologist Glynis McCants detailed the numerology of Obama, Putin, and...More »
  • Predictions & Prophecies

    In the first hour, futurist Paul Guercio and physicist Dr. George Hart, who developed a software-based forecasting technology called the Merlin Project, shared their interpretations of the timetraks (Merlin's graphical snapshots) of the current batch of presidential hopefuls. ...More »
  • Secret Door: Birthday Edition

    Who was behind the secret door? As George celebrated his birthday, he welcomed seven favorite C2C regulars throughout the night. In order of appearance, we heard from David Paulides, Richard C. Hoagland, Robin Falkov, L.A. Marzulli, Ian Punnett (Twitter), Graham Hancock, and...More »
  • Numerology/ NDE & the Paranormal

    In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants joined George Noory to give updates on the numerology of the month of May, and presidential hopefuls, as well as to discuss how current events are unfolding along the lines that she predicted earlier in the year. In the latter...More »
  • 2015 Predictions Show

    In our New Year's Day tradition, four prognosticators, in separate hours, shared their predictions and insights for the new year ahead, and beyond. In order of appearance: psychic Joe Jacobs, numerologist Glynis McCants, prophecy expert John Hogue, and spiritual teacher Vincent...More »
  • Numerology / Dr. Mutter & 19th Century Surgery

    In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants reviewed some of her past insights from her appearance on the show in May 2014, when she said there would be a "test of faith" in July, and major political upheaval in August. In the latter half, Writer-in-Residence at the...More »
  • Behind the News / Numerology & 2014

    In the first half, investigative reporter Russ Baker shared insights into stories behind the news, terrorism, and conspiracies. People with known connections to terrorism have been accorded an unusual degree of movement, such as the 9/11 hijackers and others involved in Jihad,...More »
  • 2014 Predictions Show

    In our New Year's Day tradition, four prognosticators, in separate hours, shared their predictions and insights for the new year ahead, and beyond. In order of appearance: psychic Joe Jacobs, consultant George Ure, numerologist Glynis McCants, and prophecy expert John Hogue.More »
  • Numerology / Psychopaths

    In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants discussed how 2013 - the year of 6, has been unfolding, and what we can expect in 2014. In the latter half, James Fallon, an award-winning neuroscientist at the University of California, Irvine, told about his shocking...More »
  • Numerology / Coral Castle

    In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants offered interpretations to recent events in the news. Many issues came to light this past May, a "5" month, which promotes drama. In the latter half, author and researcher Michael Kohler discussed the puzzling work of Edward...More »
  • Savants & PSI Phenomena

    Psychiatrist Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell discussed psychic abilities as well as her recent work studying the tremendous gifts of autistic savants. Many people who have psychic abilities develop them after some kind of altering experience, such as a head trauma, NDE, or accident,...More »
  • 2013 in Numerology / Energy Issues

    Numerologist Glynis McCants, an expert in how patterns of events unfold according to the energy signature of specific numbers, appeared in the first half. She revealed what the "6" energy of the year 2013 holds for us, and how this year will be a stark contrast to the hellish...More »
  • End of the Mayan Calendar Extravaganza

    George Noory checked in on the status of the post Mayan calendar world with various guests, including Richard C. Hoagland, John Hogue Major Ed Dames, Mike Bara, Barbara Marx Hubbard, L.A. Marzulli, Dannion Brinkley, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Glynis McCants, Whitley Strieber, Wynn...More »
  • 2012 Election Special

    George Noory hosted a special 5-hour show with coverage of the presidential election results, featuring a variety of guests offering their analysis of the outcome and what it means for the United States. In order of appearance: John Curtis, Greg Hunter, Mish Shedlock, Glynis...More »
  • Death Squads & Collapse of Civilization

    Conducting a five-hour broadcast, John B. Wells was joined by sociologist and analysis methodologist James Roger Brown for a discussion of his work documenting pseudoscience, science fraud, structural corruption, and organized crime in government agencies and programs. In...More »
  • Velikovsky & the Dogon

    Debuting on the show, author/researcher Laird Scranton discussed the controversial assertions of Velikovsky, as well as the cosmology and scientific knowledge of the Dogon tribe in West Africa. First hour guest, numerologist Glynis McCants shared updates on how the year of...More »
  • Numerology & Energy Patterns

    Joining John B. Wells, numerologist Glynis McCants explained how events unfold according to the energy patterns of specific numbers. McCants discussed how numerology relates to recent cruise ship incidents and the Titanic disaster, as well as what the numbers hold for the rest...More »
  • Predictions Special 2012

    George Noory starts the new year with predictions and prognostications for 2012 from professionals including psychic Joe Jacobs, numerologist Glynis McCants, astrologer Mark Lerner, and spirit medium Maureen Hancock.More »
  • Our Honored Veterans, Numerology & Open Lines

    In the first hour, author and hospice volunteer for 33 years, Dannion Brinkley, talked about how we can assist our honored veterans in their final passages in this life (Related Link). In the middle two hours, numerologist Glynis McCants addressed the significance of the date...More »
  • Human Nature

    Ian Punnett was joined by psychology professor Douglas Kenrick for a discussion on how the primitive, animalistic underside of human nature, with its sexual fantasies and homicidal tendencies, has actually given rise to the most positive features of our race. First hour...More »
  • Psychology of High School

    Investigative journalist Alexandra Robbins talked about the world of high school and how those who thrive in it are not necessarily the ones who end up successful in life. Being an outsider in high school has been viewed negatively especially since the Columbine shootings, but...More »
  • 2011 in Numerology & Prophecy

    In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants gave her analysis on how, 2011, the year of "four," will manifest and what we can do to make the best of it. In the latter half, authority on prophecy and the occult, John Hogue, shared his predictions for 2011.More »
  • Timelines & Forecasts

    Futurist Paul Guercio discussed predictions and timelines derived from the Merlin Project, a software-based forecasting technology, he developed with Dr. George Hart. The program is based on the idea that there are repeated pattern changes that occur in 7-year cycles within a...More »
  • Numerology & Psychic Predictions

    In the first half of the show, numerologist Glynis McCants offered analysis of the numbers behind celebrities and events in the news. In the latter half of the program, psychic Joseph Jacobs shared his predictions and intuitions for the rest of 2010.More »
  • Numerology & Open Lines

    In the first half of the program, Glynis McCants provided her numerological insight on world events and American politics, as well as love and relationships. Open Lines followed.More »
  • Predictions Special 2010

    Ian Punnett hosted Coast to Coast AM's annual prediction show, which featured a variety of prognosticators on what they see looming for the new year, 2010.More »
  • Numerology & Climate-Gate

    In the first half of the show, numerologist Glynis McCants talked about how people with various number traits interact with each other, as featured in her new book Love by the Numbers. In the latter half of the program, environmental consultant Tim Ball discussed 'Climate...More »
  • Numerology & Open Lines

    In the first half of the program, George welcomed Glynis McCants, who provided her numerological take on current events and talked about how people could use numbers to benefit their lives. The remainder of the show was Open Lines. The last half hour featured one of...More »
  • In the Numbers

    Numerologist Glynis McCants was featured in the second half of the show. In the first hour, various speakers commemorated the passing of author & astronomer Tom Van Flandern. Hoagland was joined by author Robert Zubrin in the second hour to comment on the announcement that...More »
  • Election Forecasting

    In this forecasting special on the election, numerologist Glynis McCants appeared for the first two hours, followed by Paul Guercio of the Merlin Project in the latter half.McCants sized up the candidates, noting that Obama and Biden are both '2" lifepaths, so they are a...More »
  • 'Prank' Calls

    During Open Lines, George offered a special topic line for people who have ever played a prank on someone or had a prank played on them. Christina in Dallas said she once snuck into the house of an enemy and placed an incredibly bad smelling Japanese 'daikon' radish behind the...More »
  • Rebroadcast from 2/18/05: Numerology & Open Lines

    This program was a rebroadcast with George Noory from 2/18/05. Numerologist Glynis McCants was featured in the first two hours, followed by Open Lines. Note: Due to technical difficulties in Las Vegas, George Knapp's live program with Melvin Dummar and additional guests was...More »
  • Chemtrails, Cell Phones & Air Ships

    Author and investigative reporter Will Thomas presented his latest research on chemtrails and cell phone risks, as well as discussed his interest in an emerging air ship technology.More »
  • Secret Door VI

    After a first hour of Open Lines, six surprise guests joined us in separate segments for our latest edition of Behind the Secret Door. Numerologist Glynis McCants kicked things off with a look at the rest of 2008. Regarding the election, McCain is a 2 'lifepath' and is in a...More »
  • Robots Today and Tomorrow

    Roboticist Daniel H. Wilson returned to the program to talk about the current state of robotics and how robots could be used to battle zombies, invading aliens, werewolves, and ninjas. He detailed the latest evolution in robots that are in the marketplace today, like the Roomba...More »
  • 2008 & Compatible Numbers

    Numerologist Glynis McCants offered a forecast of what's in store for 2008, reviewed her past comments about 2007, and spoke about number compatibilities. We are entering a "1" year (2 + 0 + 0 + 8 = 10 = 1). "I'm excited about this year," she said, noting it's a year of change,...More »
  • Predictions Special: 2008

    Kicking off the New Year, Ian Punnett hosted Coast to Coast AM's annual prediction show featuring psychics and prognosticators sharing what they see coming in the year 2008. In order of the guests' appearances, here are some of the highlights: Trendcaster Gerald Celente: 2008...More »
  • California Fires Special

    A variety of guests addressed the damaging firestorms in Southern California from different perspectives.More »
  • Cursed Calls & More

    After reading the purportedly true story, Cursed by the Witch, George offered a 'Cursed' hotline during Open Lines for callers who believe they have been cursed or who have ever wanted to place a curse on someone else.More »
  • 'Secret Door' Guests

    In a special night of Open Lines, George introduced a "Secret Door Line" in which popular Coast to Coast guests made surprise appearances.More »
  • Forecasting with the Numbers

    Professional numerologist Glynis McCants presented a recap of 2006, a forecast for 2007 and beyond, and tips on how to use one's personal numbers for success in their lives.More »
  • Predictions Special 2007

    In our New Year's Day Special, George Noory welcomed various guests who shared their predictions for 2007.More »
  • Convincing Stories

    During Open Lines, George played the role of skeptic and offered a 'Convince Me' hotline for callers who thought they could persuade him that their stories were true.More »
  • Looking at 6/6/6

    In the first half of the show three guests offered their commentary on the significance of the 6/6/6 date.More »
  • Surveillance & Electronic Attacks

    Electronics expert & counter-surveillance specialist, Roger Tolces returned to discuss the increase in wiretapping and his work in assisting victims of electronic harassment. He commented that in the era of the Patriot Act and increased government surveillance, now more than...More »
  • Numerology Review

    Professional numerologist Glynis McCants returned to review her 2005 forecast, present some highlights for 2006, and offer readings for callers. She had correctly predicted Michael Jackson's acquittal as well as storms and water disturbances taking place in 2005. The new year is...More »
  • Rebroadcast: Open Lines / Glynis McCants

    In this rebroadcast from 2/18/05, George hosted a Scariest Moments Open Lines. In the first half of the show he discussed numerology with Glynis McCants and got a NASA update from Richard C. Hoagland.More »
  • Intelligence Problems

    CIA expert and best selling author, John Weisman debuted on the show to discuss U.S. intelligence services and the culture inside them.The intelligence community, he declared, has been in "horrible shape" for the last two decades, because of a "huge vacuum in leadership."...More »
  • Scariest Moments

    The last two hours of the program featured Open Lines with a special topic line for callers to share their scariest moments. The first caller, a 'Major' who claimed to work for the CIA, said he was part of the "Freak Squad" -- a secret group charged with the task of recovering...More »
  • Numbers & You

    Welcoming in 2005, the 'Numbers Lady,' Glynis McCants, returned to the show. A professional numerologist, she uses a system based on the "vibrations" or energy associated with the numbers 1-9, to analyze people, places and events. 2005 is a "7" (2+0+0+5 = 7) and this number is...More »
  • By the Numbers

    Glynis McCants, a professional numerologist, returned to the show, discussing her practice of using numbers to understand relationships, health and global events. Based on Pythagoras' 1-9 system of numerical traits, she said that 2004 is a "6" and is a year that people will...More »
  • Almost Died Hotline

    A special topic line was set up for people to share their stories of near death experiences. One caller recounted how he survived shooting himself in the head in a drugged state. It was the "best thing that ever happened to me," he said, explaining that the violent incident set...More »
  • Numerology Types

    Glynis McCants, a professional numerologist, joined guest host Barbara Simpson on Friday night. Using a system Pythagoras created 2,500 years ago, McCants espoused that the numbers 1-9 each "vibrate" with their own energy and are indicators of different personality types.More »
  • Numerological Insights

    Professional numerologist Glynis McCants spoke about the ancient science of numerology and how it can provide insight into one's life as the guest on Sunday night.More »
  • Guided by Numbers

    "I literally live numerology 24/7," said Glynis McCants, the guest on Tuesday night's show. A professional numerologist, McCants uses numbers to analyze personal relationships and abilities. She outlined how a person's birth date will yield a digit between 1 and 9, and how each...More »
  • Cycles and Numbers

    This past Saturday night Barbara hosted William Strauss, co-author of The Fourth Turning, which posits that America goes through 4 different cyclical periods and that we may now have entered a crisis cycle. In the first hour of the program Glynis McCants was the guest and she...More »
  • Numbers of Meaning

    Glynis McCants is a professional numerologist. She spoke about the ancient science that defines who you are using vibrations of the numbers 1 through 9.More »

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