British UFO Cases / Search for Bigfoot

British UFO Cases / Search for Bigfoot


HostConnie Willis

GuestsJohn Hanson, Amy Bue

Retired police officer and UFO investigator John Hanson joined Connie Willis (info) in the first half to discuss his research into UFO sightings. The results, which are compiled into a multi-volume series called Haunted Skies, go back to 1940 to document reports of sightings and encounters in Britain. Although he acknowledged that some encounters have been dangerous and even harmful, Hanson argued that on the whole the ETs who have visited Earth aren't especially aggressive. For one thing, he said, as the far weaker species, humans would have lost any battle with aliens long ago, possibly going extinct as a species. In addition, alien contact is so common and widespread that it's more likely that we've been living alongside ETs for centuries. "In a way, they've formulated man's history on this planet," explained Hanson.

Hanson also noted that a number of the cases he researches involve contactees who have been implanted by aliens with unusual objects. In one, a woman claimed to see UFOs every time she sneezed. Her affliction continued until the day she sneezed out a small object shaped like a knitting needle, which Hanson believed to be left by an ET. Despite his reporting of the event to media outlets, it failed to get any attention, he went on; one day, the bottle containing the implant fell from its shelf and vanished.


In the latter half, Amy Bue, co-founder of Project Zoobook and a member of the Olympic Project Bigfoot Research Team, talked about her interest in Bigfoot and her experience documenting them. She had no particular interest in Bigfoot until 2012, she related, when she believes to have seen the creature from a car. Since then, she's sought to understand whether Bigfoot is some variety of a North American ape, as some assert, or a more supernatural and spiritual being, which others believe. Bue remains hesitant to make any definite claims about her personal experiences, but she's willing to consider any personal accounts of Bigfoot so that her position on the creature is evidence-based.

Listeners also called to share their own Bigfoot stories with Bue. A caller in Texas recounted an incident in which a mysterious creature frightened him on a camping trip by heaving a stone of several hundred pounds into a nearby river. An Arizona listener also reported that as a youth he regularly visited with a very hairy seven-foot-tall man who lived off the land in the forest. "If he wasn't the abominable snowman, I don't know who was," he said.



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