Amy Bue

Amy Bue


Amy Bue is co-founder of Project Zoobook, a member of the Olympic Project Bigfoot Research Team, and Head of Amy's Bucket List Expeditions (ABLE). A writer, educator, and editor from Ohio, she became interested in the search for Bigfoot after seeing something strange in Ohio's Mahoning County in 2012. While her main research areas are in Forest County Pennsylvania, its Allegheny National Forest, and in Ohio's Columbiana County, Amy has traveled to Michigan, New York State, Kentucky, Oregon, Washington State, West Virginia, Texas, Arkansas, and all over Ohio following up leads.

Much of Amy’s efforts have been put into her Project Zoobook, a group comprised of primate zookeepers, primatologists, wildlife biologists, marine biologists, forestry workers, archaeologists, anthropologists, university professors, law enforcement officials, taxonomists and other scientists working alongside Bigfoot researchers from across the country. Project Zoobook meets virtually bi-weekly as a think tank where these individuals discuss research, ideas, and new findings that are pertinent to both the Bigfoot topic and primate behavior. They are collaborating on micro studies of areas currently being researched across North America and on scientific endeavors that could benefit that research. They are also participating in the upcoming documentary film, "Legend Meets Science II," with MonsterQuest producer Doug Hajicek.


Past Shows:

  • British UFO Cases / Search for Bigfoot

    Haunted Skies author John Hanson discussed the prevalence of extraterrestrial activity in the UK and cases of UFO implants. Followed by Amy Bue on her interest in the search for Bigfoot.More »

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