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Financial Astrology / Ghosthunting & the Paranormal

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In the first half, financial astrologer Mitchell Scott Lewis discussed the current state of the markets and offered his predictions as to what's ahead. Agreeing with those analysts that the United States is on the edge of a recession, Lewis qualified his assessment, noting that it's important to put our situation into perspective. Inflation—which often coincides with a recession—goes in historical cycles, he explained, and is likely to subside soon. In addition, although a recession is likely, it probably won't be nearly as severe as the one that occurred in 2008–2009. The important thing for consumers is to resist panicking, which could lead them to prematurely sell off investments and make other financial missteps.

Lewis also pointed to specific ways in which astrology reflects finance and economics. Bitcoin, for example, was created at a time that Saturn was in opposition to Uranus—the same aspect in place when the economy melted down in 2008. And like the market at that time, he went on, the chart suggests a crash for Bitcoin is up ahead in 2024. Lewis made predictions for listeners who called the show as well, by citing the specifics of their charts. To a Maryland caller, for instance, he noted that with Pluto entering Aquarius next year, the financial pressure the listener feels would be relieved somewhat.


Stunt man and founder of Hollywood Ghost Hunters Rick McCallum, along with author and podcaster Lady Ann Selene, joined the show in the latter half to talk about their work investigating the paranormal and haunted places. McCallum told the story of his introduction to the world of the paranormal, when he was at Ohio's Mansfield Prison to work on a movie. He went on to describe the difference between ghostly entities in the United States versus the United Kingdom, where the experiences are more intense. Despite this intensity, he explained, most spirits aren't aggressive, and some are even friendly. McCallum stressed that a ghost hunter can also do a lot to set the tone of an investigation, however: introducing oneself and the equipment being used, as well as treating the inhabited area with respect, can put a spirit at ease and ensure a safer encounter.

Selene related her first time dealing with a cryptid, when she was also in Ohio to do ghost hunting. Her investigating led her to the forest, where she heard the guttural growl of a sasquatch. She turned to see a sasquatch only about twenty feet away. She's looking forward to an upcoming investigation of a haunted location in Ireland, where she and her team will use a range of equipment to look for ghosts. Selene shared that through her investigations of the paranormal, she hopes to learn more about the world, which in turn will teach her more about herself—and show her how contact with the dead can promote healing.

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