Lady Ann Selene

Lady Ann Selene


Lady Ann is the host of the podcast The Caravan, and owner of the digital paranormal broadcasting station KPNL. A Reiki master and intuitive tarot reader, she loves to dive into the spiritual realm. and has had encounters with shadow entities, ghosts, and Sasquatch.



Past Shows:

  • Financial Astrology / Ghosthunting & the Paranormal

    Professional astrologer Mitchell Scott Lewis discussed volatility in the markets and what's ahead. Followed by Hollywood Ghost Hunters' Rick McCallum and author and podcaster Lady Ann Selene on ghost hunting and the paranormal.More »

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75 Years After Roswell
75 Years After Roswell
UFO researchers Graeme Rendall and Richard Dolan spoke about the 75th anniversary of Roswell and the Kenneth Arnold 'flying saucer sighting, along with other cases from that era, and military cover-ups.
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