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In the first half, former research scientist Linda Zimmermann discussed animal reactions to UFOs, ghosts, and earthquakes, as well as the many documented cases of unusual activity in New York's Hudson Valley. Throughout her fifteen years of research into the paranormal, Zimmerman recounted, she noticed how often eyewitnesses mentioned their pets' reaction to encounters with UFOs or ghosts. In addition to being interesting on its own, animal reaction is also a valuable research tool, since animals are also witnesses and experiencers who can provide data and insight, she continued. The most common reactions by animals are panic and fear, which Zimmerman illustrated with accounts of dogs, cats, herds of deer, and birds scattering and hiding—even harming themselves in the process. In addition to this reaction to the paranormal, animals are also commonly observed exhibiting fear and anxiety ahead of earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Zimmerman also considered the question of why the Hudson Valley is, as she believes, "the number one hotspot over the last one hundred years" for unusual activity. In the early 1900s, for exampled, massive airships with brilliant lights reportedly hovered over the area for hours at a time. And for about seven years in the 1980s, "tens of thousands of people were seeing massive silent triangles, boomerangs, V-shapes, and other craft as well," Zimmerman noted. These craft, according to witnesses, would fly low and hover for up to twenty minutes, with observers standing directly below.


Dan Baldwin, who has invested more than fifteen years using his skills as a pendulum dowser to locate missing persons, and paranormal researcher and ufologist George Sewell, joined the show in the latter half to detail their research into events combining UFOs, reincarnation, and direct contact with the spirit world. Baldwin explained the difference between the popular conception of dowsing done with a forked stick and the type he practices, which involves a pendulum suspended with a string. Among the feats he and Sewell have achieved through dowsing, he claimed, are finding missing people, contacting alien abductors, and releasing spirits trapped on the Earth.

Sewell elaborated on the story of Lindsey Higgins, a Louisiana woman who suffered from lifelong abdominal pain, seeing visions, and terrifying encounters aboard alien craft. She eventually contacted Baldwin and Sewell, who discovered through pendulum sessions with Higgins the "highly evolved" spirit of the ET who had been abducting her. By working with the ET, Sewell went on, he and Baldwin were able to ask the aliens to refrain from inflicting pain on Higgins, which they agreed to. Higgins, they claimed, has since been free from the pains that had tormented her in the past.

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