Elvis Presley: Life & Career / Past Lives Wisdom

Elvis Presley: Life & Career / Past Lives Wisdom


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsIvor Davis, Michael Goddart

As a foreign correspondent, Ivor Davis has written widely on movies and medicine for the London Daily Express, The Times of London, the New York Times Syndicate, and Los Angeles Magazine. In the first half, he discussed the life and death of Elvis Presley, what happened when Elvis met the Beatles, and various revelations about his career. Davis described meeting Presley for the first time when he was on the film set for "Frankie and Johnny," in which he was co-starring with Donna Douglas (best known for playing Elly May Clampett on "The Beverly Hillbillies"). Both Douglas and Presley shared an interest in religion and were said to read passages from the Bible together during their lunch breaks, he detailed. Davis was also present when Elvis met the Beatles for the first time in 1965 (recounted in this previous recap).

Elvis was very nervous about doing his comeback TV special in 1968, but it really helped to revive his career, said Davis, who noted that he appeared dressed in head-to-toe black leather (the scene is depicted in the new Baz Luhrman movie, Elvis). One curiosity about Presley was that he was born as a twin, with his identical brother, Jesse, stillborn. Some believe this death affected him throughout his life and left him with a sense of loneliness. Elvis' manager, Col. Tom Parker, had worked as a carnival operator and had an exploitative side, Davis noted, though he may have been essential to Presley's success. Elvis, who died in 1977 at age 42, had been prescribed thousands of pills and narcotics by his doctor. During his last concerts in Las Vegas, he was able to make fun of himself when he forgot lyrics, and thus endeared himself to the audience.


International consultant, researcher, and author Michael Goddart has been actively developing his sense of knowing and accessing his higher consciousness for more than three decades. In the latter half, he shared his journey to recover knowledge of his past lives, and the wisdom he has discovered along the way. Goddart said he has a distinct recall of 88 previous incarnations, with one of the most important being from two lives ago when he was a British banker living in India and met a "perfect realized master." The trajectory of his incarnations has been to become more spiritualized, he explained, including lives on other planets where people tended to be more harmonious and spiritually evolved.

In one of his lives on another world, he was part of a monastic cabal of women who raised the vibrational life of the planet. To discover who you might have been in a past life, look at your idiosyncrasies and things that are different about you, as well as locations that seem familiar to you, he stated. We all have three different aspects of the mind-- lower/habitual/ and higher, he said. The lower mind is ruled by the ego, anger, passions, and greed; the habitual includes our day-to-day self and duties; while the higher mind fosters kindness, service to others, and spiritual progression, he outlined. "You have the power within you to live the best life possible," he added, with many powers and abilities that you can tap into.

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