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Numerologist Glynis McCants (877-686-2373) is an expert in how patterns of events unfold according to the energy signature of specific numbers. In the first half, she shared how the energy of 2022, the year of six, has manifested, as well as the numerology of key players on the world stage and celebrities. The "6" energy promotes intuition, and thus sensitive people's awareness is heightened at this time, she noted. The month we're in now, July is represented by "7," which relates to nature, and this has been reflected in such things as fires, and flooding. "7" is also associated with truth being uncovered, she continued, as we have seen with more details coming out about the Uvalde shooting.

Rumors that Vladimir Putin has serious health issues could be based in fact, she said, as his numbers (cycle of "5," double "7's" and an "8" attitude) seem to indicate this. On the recent marriage of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, McCants said they have compatible numbers with a soulmate bond, sharing three numbers together, including "2," which is about affection and connection. McCants cautioned that taking on your partner's last name in some cases can hurt the powerful numerology connection you share. On that note, she said it is not a good idea for Jennifer to take on Ben's last name Affleck. She presented an affirmation to counteract negativity and stay healthy: "I release all negative thoughts so that I can enjoy the vibrant health that is within me now." Glynis also shared the meanings of attitude numbers, and gave readings for callers in the second hour.


In the latter half, journalist and filmmaker Rich Martini talked about his afterlife communications. He detailed his contact with Carl Sagan from the Other Side, as well as conversations with the late Bob Saget and Elvis. After his close friend Luana passed away, Martini realized that she was contacting him in order to help him communicate with the spirits of the departed. Around this time, he teamed up with another friend, the medium Jennifer Shaffer, and between her and the spirit of Luana, they embarked on a series of communications with the Other Side. Regarding his interactions with Elvis Presley, the late singer reportedly told him he was pleased with the new "Elvis" movie and the young actor that portrayed him-- 'he played me better than I played myself,' Elvis quipped.

Presley further disclosed that after he crossed over, he was reunited with an offspring who was miscarried by one of his great loves. In Martini's "interview" with the recently deceased Bob Saget, he learned that his death was due to an accidental fall. Other messages from the spirit of Saget, were for his wife and his friend Jim Carrey. Martini invited Carl Sagan to speak with him and Shaffer, and the late scientist offered a warning to the living: "Stop using up all the water. Stop cutting down trees. Stop eliminating the Earth." Martini also revealed what an angelic being told him: Their wings are a metaphor for traveling at the speed of thought, and they use portals to travel between universes. They don't see their role as religious in nature but rather to help humanity. For more, check out Martini and Shaffer's podcast, Hacking the Afterlife.

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