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In the first half, pharmacist Ben Fuchs talked about natural health remedies and the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals our bodies need to maintain good health. Most skin problems are related to digestive health, he suggested, even something as benign as dry skin. Products such as probiotics, digestive enzymes, and EFAs can improve the digestive process, he said. Supplements that build up connective tissue have anti-aging properties and can fight against sagging skin, Fuchs shared. Glucosamine and chondroitin are powerful connective tissue-building supplements, and also improve circulation. They are best taken with Vitamin C, he added.

Vegetarians, Fuchs noted, need to supplement their diet with specific nutrients they may not be getting, like certain amino acids, and Vitamins A and D. Developed from an amino acid, N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) helps protect the liver and detoxify the blood, he detailed. For further strengthening of the liver (such as for someone recovering from Hepatitis C), he recommended milk thistle, Vitamin E, and EFAs. Fuchs also spoke about how aerobic exercise is beneficial, and that sweating helps remove toxins from the body.


Paranormal investigator Scott Degenhardt specializes in solving cold cases using mediumship. In the latter half, he was joined by one of the mediums he works with, Leisa Williams, to share some of the cases they've worked on, their contacts with the Other Side, and audio of EVPs they've collected. He described how he helps facilitate a team of mediums (both living and dead) that work together to help earthbound spirits return home to the light. Degenhardt referred to the departed spirits (around 15 in number that appear at various times) as Team AL (Team Afterlife) and said they've been a critical part of helping bring through voices from the Other Side.

Confused spirits have approached Williams in need of her assistance in crossing over, she revealed. Yet, conversely, the medium team also reaches out to spirits to try and get information that can be used to close their cases so that they can be at rest, Williams said. She described one of her clairvoyant dreams, in which she watched a woman load a gun as though she was her. When communicating with spirits that were the victims of unsolved crimes, she tries to get them to share a landmark or something specific she can take to authorities. Degenhardt noted that one reason they make recordings (EVPs) during their sessions is to be able to show evidence to law enforcement of how they retrieved the information so they won't become suspects for knowing too much. Nine of their EVPs were presented on air, including several from a female spirit named Smiles, who comes through on phone calls and Zoom sessions. For more on their EVP recordings, visit their YouTube channel.

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