Improving Self-Esteem / Bigfoot Research

Improving Self-Esteem  / Bigfoot Research


HostConnie Willis

GuestsJulia Kristina, Michael W. Cook

In the first half, master therapist Julia Kristina joined Connie Willis (info) to discuss low self-esteem, the damage it does, and the road to recovery. As a central component to how we see ourselves, Kristina explained, self-esteem is a multi-dimensional psychological concept that can change over time and affect us in different ways. The complex nature of self-esteem is evident in situations where we might feel confident and effective in one area of life—work, for example —but inadequate or ineffective in another, such as in a family setting. The goal for healthy self-esteem is to maintain a steady belief that one has value and deserves happiness, regardless of the external setting, said Kristina. Although trauma, bullying, and excessive control by parents are commonly understood to cause low self-esteem, she was careful to point out that a number of factors go into a person's self-image, and that the same experiences can have varying impacts on different people.

One key to improving self-esteem is to understand what influences our beliefs about ourselves: our struggles, what upsets us, what makes us jealous or defensive, and so on. Another is to avoid the psychological trap of blaming ourselves when the hurtful or manipulative actions of others are directed at us. Setting healthy boundaries with others, though difficult to establish at first, is a way to increase a sense of self-worth as well.


Cryptid researcher Michael W. Cook was the guest in the second half. His 20 years of researching Bigfoot began as a teenager, when he encountered a Bigfoot at his local fishing hole while skipping school one day. Several encounters later over the years demonstrated to Cook that his area of Kentucky was a hotbed of Bigfoot activity. Through his own explorations, which include guiding others through their own Bigfoot experiences, Cook has come to appreciate the wide range of descriptions of the creature. These include depictions of Bigfoot as strictly another species of primate, as well as paranormal entities with supernatural abilities. He shared his own experience of time displacement while on a research expedition, as well as equipment failures he couldn't explain.

Cook has also turned his obsession with Bigfoot into a particular business niche: his SossSquatch barbecue sauce. After the trauma of his first encounter, he related, he shut down socially, and with few friends he turned to cooking as a form of therapy. His adoption of the Bigfoot theme in his business was a natural one, he noted, but not something he takes lightly. "It's all intertwined," he said of the crossover between his two passions in life.


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