Biosphere Breakdown / Near-Death Experiences

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Biosphere Breakdown / Near-Death Experiences

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In the first half, geophysicist J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D., discussed his work on the collapse of the Earth's biosphere-- how the planet's life support systems are breaking down. According to Herndon, this breakdown results from human activities, including the manipulation of Earth's climate, otherwise known as geoengineering or chemtrails. "There is a global cabal that wants to take over the Earth," he declared, and he also believes the United Nations is involved in this sinister agenda. Toxic particles are sprayed into the upper atmosphere to prevent rainfall, which could be considered a kind of "warfare" that is poisoning people and the environment, he said.

Life on planet Earth is dying, with almost 2/3 of 4,000 species declining between 1970 and 2016 (view related graphic), he reported. Chemtrail spraying kills insects, birds, and bats, as well as contributes to neurodegenerative disease in humans, said Herndon. Further, toxic coal fly ash particles put into the clouds causes global warming and reduces the amount of ozone in the stratosphere, which we need to shield us from harmful ultraviolet light, he warned. The mainstream science community is ignoring the problem, Herndon noted. He and his co-author Dr. Mark Whiteside recently published their paper "Collapse of Earth's Biosphere: A Case of Planetary Treason" (PDF download) in the Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal.


In the latter half, leading near-death experience researcher and founder of the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, Jeffrey Long, M.D., spoke about his organization's near-death experience study-- the largest in history, involving some 4,000 people from diverse backgrounds. By the very definition of unconsciousness, people who are in near-death conditions or clinically dead shouldn't have any memories, he explained, and yet many experience highly lucid and organized events that are distinctly different from dreams. And their experiences are strikingly similar across different religious backgrounds (including atheists and nonbelievers), he cited.

People are typically changed after their NDE, becoming more spiritual, not fearing death anymore, and sometimes even picking up psychic abilities, he detailed. Long recalled the case of a woman named Vickie who was blind since birth, but during her NDE after a car accident, she saw a woman's body on a gurney. Because she never had eyesight before, it took her a moment to realize that it was her own body on the gurney. Then, as the NDE progressed, she had a kind of 360-degree spherical vision seeing all around her as she interacted with deceased relatives and underwent a life review. In the midst of an NDE, "the great majority do not want to return to their earthly life. That bespeaks of how powerful these near-death experiences are-- that intense sense of love and peace...and what they often describe as being in their 'real home' at that point," Long revealed.

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