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High-Consciousness Fields / Curiosities & Conspiracies

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In the first half, Gary E. Schwartz, Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness at the University of Arizona, along with Jeffrey Stegman, co-founder of Focused Life-Force Energy (FLFE), spoke about a new technology to enhance consciousness and well-being. Consciousness fields are around us all the time and could be thought of as areas of effect, energy, or vibration, said Stegman. He and his team developed a high consciousness field with quantum characteristics, meaning the field can be associated anywhere in the world with location coordinates, he explained. The FLFE subscription service, in which their consciousness field is focused on a specific address, seems to help people mitigate EMF sensitivities, increase personal energy, and assist with anxiety and sleep issues, Stegman continued.

Schwartz spoke about a survey of over 300 people using the FLFE technology, which showed psychological benefits, as well as more extraordinary effects like increased synchronicities, houseplants thriving, and more wildlife visiting their homes. Schwartz also reported on research with his SoulPhone device, which seeks to exchange texts with the departed. He believes that there is definitive evidence for the afterlife, and eventually, the SoulPhone technology will be viable and developed beyond just texing so that we could have communications like "soul Zoom" calls.


Ben Bowlin is an Executive Producer at How Stuff Works, and host of the Stuff They Don't Want You To Know Podcast. In the latter half, he discussed a wide range of topics such as UFOs, cryptids, hidden history, ghosts, and monsters that are sometimes labeled as paranormal or conspiracies, and the backstories that created them. One idea that fascinates Bowlin is the Phantom Time Hypothesis, which suggests that sometime in the Middle Ages, centuries were lost in the historical record, and the human species just skipped ahead several hundred years. "Humanity is pretty good at losing stuff," he commented, such as civilizations, and cities like Troy (which was thought to be mythological until it was uncovered in the 19th century).

Children in America are raised on certain conspiratorial myths, like Santa Claus, which is a way to instill good behavior with the promise of a reward, he cited. "In the US, there are often beliefs forced upon people, [like] the idea that it is bad to question an official narrative or a story," he pointed out. Bowlin also discussed the New England vampire panic, and an 1897 case where a "ghost" gave testimony in court (an exhumed body was used as evidence to convict a husband after the victim's mother received communications from the deceased). For more curiosities, check out Bowlin's podcast.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde, Kevin Randle

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