Synthetic Greys & The Human Soul

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Synthetic Greys & The Human Soul

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Late author Nigel Kerner wrote that we are at a turning point for our species in which our natural humanity is gradually being converted into an artificial format that will lead to the loss of our souls and our eternal connection to what he called the 'godverse.' Kerner's colleague, Danielle Silverman, joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss Kerner's ideas which detail how an advanced civilization in our universe became entirely artificial and developed AI probes in the form of Greys to gather information and look for a way to extend their existence. The Grey aliens, reportedly seen by thousands of abductees, are bio-machines or synthetic beings which lack empathy, Silverman revealed, noting they do not seem to worry about the pain they inflict on those they abduct nor do they show any emotion during their experiments.

A physical machine no matter how advanced cannot be self-aware, Silverman continued. "The only way awareness can exist is if there is something outside of your current state," she said, pointing out for humans it is the soul and its connection to a time before the universe began. The Greys are purely atomic and have no link to the 'godverse,' thus no understanding of humanity's connection to it and how people can go on eternally through the reincarnation process, she added. According to Silverman, humans are seen by the Greys as a piggyback mechanism by which they can find a way to survive for eternity. "They are programming us with their information so that their information can live on through us," she explained. The problem is as humanity becomes more like them, converted into an artificial format instead of a natural organic one, we run the risk of losing the thing they are ultimately after: our souls.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Jeff in Santa Rosa, California, phoned in to share his agreement with what Silverman said about the Grey alien agenda, and explained why they have been abducting emotional men and woman. "For some reason they want the emotion, a digital copy of it... to eventually make a human hybrid where they can inhabit the skin and become more evolved," Jeff said. The issue is they are artificial, can only insert into the hybrid superficially, and will never reincarnate.

Steve from Albany, New York, disclosed he had been abducted by the Greys when he was a baby. According to Steve, the Grey aliens gave him sentience or the ability to perceive things as an infant. "It really was not fun lying on my back not being able to communicate with my parents," he recalled. Steve revealed he received special knowledge from the Greys and understands their technology and what they are doing here. They're not as aloof as [Silverman] made them out to be... they don't understand a lot but they're learning from us," he said.

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