Ben Bowlin

Ben Bowlin


Ben Bowlin is a writer, actor, and producer. He won numerous awards for writing and onstage performance. Currently, he is an Executive Producer at How Stuff Works and host of Stuff They Don't Want You To Know podcast.



Past Shows:

  • High-Consciousness Fields / Curiosities & Conspiracies

    Prof. Gary E. Schwartz and Jeffrey Stegman, co-founder of Focused Life-Force Energy (FLFE) spoke about consciousness-enhancing technology. Followed by producer Ben Bowlin on such topics as UFOs, cryptids, and hidden history.More »

Last Night

Sci-Fi & the Future / Other Side Messages
Sci-Fi & the Future / Other Side Messages
Novelist and scientist David Brin discussed space exploration and the science fiction genre. Followed by intuitive medium Geoffrey Jowett on the afterlife and spirit communications.


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