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Age of AI / Quantum Spirituality

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In the first half, author and mystic of the future Matthew James Bailey, discussed his work revealing the 'Age of Artificial Intelligence' and the remarkable opportunity for humanity, life, and our consciousness to attain new frontiers of knowledge and capabilities. With the rise of AI, he envisions a human partnership with the technology and new creative jobs emerging from it. While there are dangers related to AI, Bailey suggested we have to get out ahead of bad actors and employ various regulations making AI a powerful "digital citizen" that aligns with our values and intentions.

Bailey foresees that by 2029 AI will become self-aware, understanding its own existence. Current programs such as Chat GPT function more as information and analysis tools, though they can also creatively present or remix available knowledge. For instance, he consulted the program to write a poem about Coast to Coast. Among the stanzas, it delivered: "Late into the night when all else is quiet, there's a show that shines a radiant light. Coast to Coast, it's called-- a beacon in the night. Hosted by George Noory, a figure of insight." While Bailey was enthusiastic about AI becoming a partner with humanity, he cautioned against transhumanism-- people physically merging with machines. We want to protect the sovereignty and individuality of our human nature, he remarked.


In the latter half, author and speaker Peter Canova explored the idea of "quantum spirituality," which looks at the nature of our reality through the twin lenses of quantum physics and ancient spiritual wisdom and provides a road map to higher consciousness. He outlined how ancient Gnostic texts, a repository of Judeo-Christian mysticism, shared teachings that align with modern theories of quantum physics, such as the Big Bang, parallel universes, and Einstein's relativity. Quantum physics began with the study of light and matter, and what emerged from this field of study was that what we think makes up our solid world is actually composed of waves of energy, he explained.

The Gnostics were centered in Alexandria, Egypt, and incorporated various mystical influences that were taught in ancient mystery schools. One of their central concepts was that a supreme force-- the source of everything-- projected out to form various dimensions and angelic beings (called aeons by the Gnostics) that orbited around the force. They thought of the various dimensions as different frequencies of vibration, which we might view as parallel universes. One of the Gnostic vibrations was called Sophia, and she wanted to create something on her own and so projected herself outside of the orbit into chaos, an area of pure potential (what scientists today call the quantum field). The Gnostics said that inside chaos was proto-matter (what precedes matter), and Sophia's energy mixed with this to form matter. Canova related this account to the Higgs boson, the so-called 'God particle' in physics, and the Big Bang theory of creation.

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