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In the first half, lobbyist and truth seeker, Stephen Bassett discussed the latest in his effort to end a government-imposed embargo on the truth behind extraterrestrial related phenomena and the push for a formal disclosure process. He believes that a major congressional hearing on the UAP/UFO topic is forthcoming, possibly chaired by the Intel Committee. It will feature numerous credible witnesses testifying under oath, and "that is going to lead to the President confirming this presence is not human," he asserted. Turning points in the disclosure movement were the forming of the To the Stars Academy in 2017, which had ten key people who came forward, the publication of articles in the New York Times, and the release of military UAP footage, he cited.

Three of those key people continue to push forward in the disclosure arena, said Bassett-- Luis Elizondo (from the military intelligence area), Christopher Mellon (from the political world), and Prof. Garry Nolan (from academia). Nolan from Stanford University recently shared at a conference in Manhattan his belief in an extraterrestrial presence on Earth. The US government has known about this since the 1940s, Bassett remarked, and after confirmation comes from the President, it will be explained to the public that this was kept secret because of national security. Once such disclosure has been made, he expects that alien contactees and abductees may seek retribution or compensation, but overall the public will be interested in the alien technology and when there will be open contact with world leaders.


In the latter half, former volunteer Search & Rescue EMT, wildland firefighter, and mountain guide James Szubski talked about the wide array of paranormal activity in the Columbia River Gorge, including the Klickitat Ape Cat, Sasquatch, UFOs, portals, and small humanoids. He pondered whether the unique, apocalyptically formed geology of the Gorge (including the Younger Dryas flooding of Washington state) has created a different type of electromagnetic energy and could be why the area is such a paranormal hot spot. His outdoor store, which has initiated a paranormal reporting program, has received some 60 reports of the Klickitat Ape Cat, an enormous black panther-like creature that displays an array of odd characteristics. The animal, by some estimates, weighs around 880 lbs. and has been said to have an intelligent monkey-like face.

The Ape Cat's origin may be related to Cold War animal tests conducted at Hanford, a major Department of Energy nuclear site just upstream from the Gorge, he suggested. UFO or UAP reports have been common in the Gorge area since the famous Kenneth Arnold report in 1947, he continued, and nearby Mt. Adams is reported to house a UFO portal. His store has received numerous Sasquatch accounts, including by one individual who brought in hair samples and described one of the creatures as 12-13 ft. tall. Szubski also detailed encounters of small humanoid creatures around three ft. tall-- one of them was said to have a head that looked like a praying mantis.

During the last segment, George featured his reading of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart."

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, John M. Curtis

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