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Shamanism & Healing / Spontaneous Healing

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Physician and shamanic healer Dr. Sharon Martin has a graduate degree in physiology and a medical degree in internal medicine. In the first half, she talked about how she blends the worlds of traditional Western medicine with ancient mystical teachings. Coming from the world of mainstream medicine, she realized that approach wasn't sufficient for her practice and began to incorporate shamanistic techniques. The path of technology and science can shut off access to our emotional intelligence, ESP, and connection with nature, she added. Shamans know that we have an energy body, and when that is accessed, we are able to alter our thinking and set intentions that can change our physiology, Martin conveyed.

Using a meditative visualization, individuals can be guided to have a dialogue with their higher or wiser self, and they may receive valuable information that wouldn't otherwise be available to them, she revealed. Tapping into this "universal information field," some can bring forth unusual manifestations, she continued. For instance, the shaman Frank Fools Crow demonstrated to his biographer a literal raining down of golden eagle feathers in his teepee, manifesting them out of thin air, she cited. Along those lines, Martin believes we could use the power of the mind and visualization to impact our stem cells for healing the body. In July, she will present readings at the Mind, Body, Spirit Fair at the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach.


In the latter half, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones interviewed Dr. Jeffrey Rediger on his unique blend of expertise in medicine, psychiatry, and spirituality. Dr. Rediger told Cheryll about his quest to unravel what is behind spontaneous healing and remissions, especially when people have terminal illnesses. For his study of spontaneous healing, his strict criteria were that patients had to have an incurable illness, indisputable evidence of their recovery, and no medical explanation of how they got better, like taking an experimental drug.

From his study, Rediger determined that there are four pillars of health:

  • Good nutrition
  • Tuning up the immune system
  • Having a healthy stress response
  • Healing one's identity and belief system

He discussed several patient cases, such as Claire, who lived for 12 years after a terminal pancreatic cancer diagnosis. He cited Dr. Alastair Cunningham as one of the best researchers as to why some patients fully overcome their cancer. In an illness, we should look at the messages the body is trying to say, Rediger remarked, and what is out of balance. When facing a serious medical diagnosis, he recommends that people conduct their own research and assemble a team that validates their experience.

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