Economic Shifts / Ancient Egypt & Mysticism

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Economic Shifts / Ancient Egypt & Mysticism

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Catherine Austin Fitts served as Assistant Secretary of Housing/Federal Housing Commissioner at HUD in the first Bush Administration and founded Hamilton Securities Group, Inc. In the first half, she discussed economic changes, including the rise of BRICS currency and the shift away from the dollar as the global reserve currency, and how she sees this impacting the US. There's no doubt that the current higher mortgage rates are going to slow the market, with the Federal Reserve doing everything it can to defend the dollar, "and if that means interest rates go higher, they go higher," she commented. We're watching a permanent shift out of home ownership and into the rental market because insiders with a lot of institutional capital are buying up the real estate, which runs up prices, she explained.

The nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, known as BRICS, are scheduled to get together and possibly form their own currency to challenge the dollar, as they seek to have more control over their economies and transactions rather than going through London and New York. While Fitts is skeptical of their success, she noted that BRICS and the many other countries affiliated with them are growing faster than the G7 nations (for more, view her article, The State of Our Currencies). Regarding the possible central bank digital currencies (CBDC), she reported pushback in certain US states, such as Florida, where Gov. DeSantis is trying to protect financial transaction freedom. We're seeing a lot of state legislators looking at this issue, she added. "Will we allow ourselves to be controlled by digital technology?" Fitts wondered, and who will control the channels in this system? She also touched on her work regarding what she considers America's financial coup d'etat (see her recent article on reversing the coup).


Jason Quitt lectures on the subjects of mysticism, out-of-body experiences, astral projection, meditation, and Qi Gong. In the latter half, he addressed his work delving into metaphysical correlations and origins from ancient civilizations, such as involving the pyramids. He detailed how some of his early out-of-body experiences, many associated with sleep paralysis, attuned him to a consciousness beyond physical reality. Later, after practicing Qi Gong and energy work, he discovered a connection with how the ancients explored their spirituality. In studying the Egyptian Book of the Dead, he noticed that the path of the soul or the deceased travels to the stars in a very specific way. "It mirrors the path of the physical sun and our perspective of how we observe the sun in our sky throughout the year. It's a metaphysical or mystical concept of as above, so below," he remarked.

He saw this "astrotheology" playing out in some of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs depicting a two-headed being. The outstretched arms of this being were exactly 23.5 degrees on either side, "and what's important about this 23.5 degrees is this is the tilt of the Earth through the seasons from Solstice to Equinox," Quitt explained, adding that he found this metric at the Sphinx and the Giza pyramids. He views the pyramids as "megalithic timekeepers" of the cycles of the sun's movement through the heavens. Later, in his research, he found these "solar symbols" were also featured in the Americas' ancient cultures, and dated as far as the Gobekli Tepe structures, which suggests to him that these civilizations may have had some type of common heritage.

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