Invisibility Technology & the Philadelphia Experiment

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Investigator and researcher Marshall Barnes appeared during the first two hours talking about the legendary Philadelphia Experiment. Using documents, photographs, and scientific papers, he concluded that the there was an attempt to cover-up the experiment, along with technologies using cloaking and camouflage as a way to induce invisibility. According to Barnes, during the years of WWII, firms, university departments and elements of the US military pursued a project that initially involved the idea of repelling incoming projectiles via the application of strong electromagnetic fields. However this quickly evolved into the use of such fields to accomplish optical invisibility via induced mirages in the air and then radar invisibility.

Art talks about UFO reports blinking in and blinking out. Barnes reveals he saw something like that and concluded it was a top secret government plane-- a glowing object being escorted by two F-16s near Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Barnes also discusses the alleged Montauk time travel experiments.

In the show's latter half, Art talks about news of the day, including updates on the Montana Freemen, higher gas prices, and whether to upgrade to Windows 95. He also presents Open Lines.

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