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Art's Farewell New Year's Eve Show

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Date Host Art Bell

Art Bell, in his last official show as the host of Coast to Coast AM, conducted a classic evening of radio, reviewing 123 predictions from the year 2002, and soliciting new ones for 2003 from listeners, as well as featuring surprise guest appearances.

During the first hour, he acknowledged the contributions of his long-term staff members, and his friendship and mentor Alan Corbeth, as well as how his show was one of the first to combine a website and photos with the live radio broadcast. He interviewed musician Crystal Gayle, talking about the meaning of her song "Midnight in the Desert," which she wrote for Art. Peter Davenport of the UFO Center checked in, suggesting Art deserves the Nobel Prize for his efforts over the years, and how generous he's been with the UFO community.

Art spoke about the mass consciousness experiments he'd conducted over the years. "I believe that the ...experiments on this program absolutely worked," yet he warned they should be used with extreme caution, as the technique is so powerful it could yield unwanted results, even with the best of intentions. Art's (late) wife, Ramona Bell appeared for a segment, speaking about her collaborative work with Art on the show, as well as for the Pahrump radio station they co-owned, KNYE.


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