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Brad Steiger and "The Source"

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Date Host Art Bell

Brad Steiger joins Art in hours 2-5 to talk about their new book, The Source. Art calls Brad a "master investigator" into the paranormal. In the book, the two authors weave together such subjects as: end-of-the-world prophecies and prophets, near-death and out-of-body experiences, conspiracies and government cover-ups, the Roswell crash and other UFO sightings, angels, crop circles and other unexplained phenomena, demon possession, poltergeists and more.

Steiger expresses excitement about the response the book is getting, and outlines how he and Art have come at these topics from so many different angles over the years. Could all these strange phenomena originate from a single source that manifests itself for each person? The two ponder whether such a force has been shaping our species since the very beginning. Calls come in for Brad in the last hour.

Art kicks off the first hour with reports on the Miami Circle-- an odd prehistoric permanent structure cut into the bedrock. Then, Linda Moulton Howe updates a story about a number of horses and other animals dying mysteriously in Ashford, AZ. She shares an interview with a woman who was dealing with the loss of her horses-- five dead in six months. Art goes through the news of the day at the end of hour 1 after Linda's report, including something weird that happened in his hometown related to chemtrails.


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