Bret Oldham

Bret Oldham


Bret Oldham is an alien abductee and the author of Children Of The Greys, in which he details his lifelong alien abduction experiences, the follow-up book The Baby Takers, and Afterlife Encounters. Oldham has undergone extensive testing to prove the validity of his case, including passing a polygraph exam, medical exams, special blood work, and most recently, a QEEG brain scan that was aired on the History channels hit series Ancient Aliens, which proved that his memories of alien abductions came from the part of his brain that stores memories. In addition, a witness with whom he once endured a shared abduction has publicly verified the account. All of this makes Oldham's alien abduction case one of the most documented in history. He has made numerous worldwide television appearances in the United States, Canada, France, U.K., Bulgaria, Russia, and Eastern Europe, including on shows on Bio, Discovery, CBC Canada, History Channel, TV7 Bulgaria, RMC Decouverte France, and REN TV Eastern Europe. He has been featured on numerous internet, TV, and radio shows, and has been interviewed by various online magazines and newspapers. As a public speaker, he has been a featured guest speaker at various conferences and events across the United States.



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