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Asteroid Threats & Discoveries

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Date Host Art Bell

Roy Tucker, an American astronomer, best known for the co-discovery of near-Earth asteroid Apophis 99942, is Art's guest in hours 2-5. Tucker details how he discovers asteroids, dwarf planets, and minor objects using a telescope, as well as the naming procedure for them.

Art asks the guest why the media always tells us about near misses the day after it happened. Tucker goes over the asteroid population, sizes and numbers, as well as the stability of our sun. He talks about the possibility of water on Mars. They also discuss objects discovered by astronomer David Tholen, and take questions from the audience.

During the first hour, Art brings on Peter Davenport, who has new info on recent sightings in Kentucky and Idaho. An eyewitness joins Art and Peter to describe her sighting. A pilot also describes his sighting in Idaho the same weekend.


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