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Atlantis & the Psychic Realm / Face on Mars

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Date Host Art Bell

Professor Stanley McDaniel met with JPL and NASA, and speaks about theories and ideas regarding the Face on Mars and the surrounding Cydonia region in the first hour. McDaniel says it’s still unclear as to how we should analyze the images until we’ve determined the truth. They talk about NASA's upcoming efforts to re-image the area. McDaniel suggests that NASA realizes it’s not just a case of light and shadow (which Carl Sagan also agreed on). We won't see individual bricks but new imagery should show if it’s artificial or not. McDaniel says that after his meeting, the people he met with from JPL didn't come across as being part of some big plan to quash the truth. He says they seemed quite serious about their efforts to get good pictures.

Dr. Douglas Richards is Art’s main guest, discussing American visionary Edgar Cayce’s claims about Atlantis, and various psychic abilities. Cayce predicted that evidence for the lost civilization of Atlantis would be unearthed. Richards shares reports about his expeditions to search for the fabled remnants where Cayce said it would be found in the Caribbean. He describes the destruction of Atlantis- and why parallels between our society and theirs could provide important lessons for our future.

The discussion also turns to premonitions. Art talks about an intriguing premonition experience he had years ago. He knew something was going to happen to his car while he was watching the news. He kept having the same feeling over and over again. The third time he looked back at his car, he saw someone hit it. There was no question about the fact that he knew something was going to happen. Richards believes this type of experience is not that unusual. Richards noted that many psychic experiences have symbolic meanings, and dreams often contain psychic elements. He also touches on near-death experiences, and how they can increase psychic talents.


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