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Cydonia & The Face on Mars

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Date Host Art Bell

In one of Art Bell's earliest interviews with Richard C. Hoagland, they talk for five hours on such topics as the Face on Mars & the Cydonia region (pictured above), his speech to NASA, and his interaction with NASA employees on the issue of possible ancient civilizations on Mars and controversial discoveries on the Moon. The discussion begins with Mars and the "Face," and how it's a multi-discipline investigation in which many different types of scientists are looking at the evidence. Hoagland suggests that the "Face" is probably a statue - in a complex of pyramids and structures and that most people working at NASA are completely in the dark about the topics discussed in this show.

He mentions the McDaniel Report and how this independent review also found evidence of artificial structures on Mars. Richard discusses the Mars Observer probe, and why he thinks it was still functioning even when NASA announced it wasn't. They broach Hoagland's "new physics" and his "hyper-dimensional" model, as well as the Brookings Report and why he believes the truth is being concealed about Mars. If people knew the truth, NASA would have all the funding they ever needed, Hoagland contends, and the American people would open their hearts and pocketbooks if they knew we weren't alone. There is also conversation about a strange murder surrounding a man who worked on the Hubble telescope, and in hour 5, Richard addresses lunar anomalies.


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