Consciousness & Remote Viewing / Underwater Artifacts

Consciousness & Remote Viewing / Underwater Artifacts


HostArt Bell

Stephan Schwartz was interviewed for 90 minutes in this program. For decades, he has been studying the nature of consciousness, particularly that aspect independent of space and time, and is the principal researcher studying the use of remote viewing in archaeology. Since 1978, Schwartz had also been using teams to remote view the year 2050, and was looking into how trends were progressing to fulfill these predictions.

After setting up his research lab, he was approached by the government, but he believes anything that is discovered should be made available to the public. Schwartz said remote viewing is not like a radio transmitting a signal – he explained that we are like "workstations on the cosmic internet." His theory is that there is an aspect of human consciousness that lives outside of time and space, and remote viewing brings information to conscious awareness.

In the first hour, investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe talked about an apparent sunken city off the coast of Cuba consisting of possibly man-made structures which looked like buildings, pyramids, and roads, and were 2,200 feet underwater. She interviewed the husband of the main scientist behind the research as well as an expert who saw the images. He noted that nature doesn't make too many sharp-edged structures. Linda also shared her conversation with a scientist who explained what can be seen with sonar technology.

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