Killing Bigfoot / Open Lines

Killing Bigfoot / Open Lines


HostArt Bell

The first hour featured news and Open Lines. In the second hour, Art received a fax from someone who claimed to have shot two Bigfoot entities. The man, known only as "Bugs," then came on the show and said he and a friend shot them in an undisclosed location in 1973. The men thought they might go to prison after killing the creatures, so they buried them.

Bugs said the creatures had a human body but with brownish red hair all over, a nose like a human but a mouth like an ape. From the back, he said they looked like a "no-neck NFL player," and were over 7 feet tall. He never told anyone about it, and because of the incident, never owned a weapon again.

The last three hours consisted of Open Lines, during which callers reacted to Bugs' tale. One person wondered why these men just opened fire on these creatures – he thought they were less than responsible sportsmen. Another did not agree with the story due to a definition of what type of bullet was used.

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