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Crop Circles & UFO Designs

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Date Host Art Bell

The author of "The Gift: Crop Circles Deciphered," Doug Ruby, is Art’s main guest in hours 1-4. Art notes the synchronicity of Doug’s interview, as just this day, a new crop circle was announced near Stonehenge. Doug describes the crop circle in detail during the first hour. It’s a circle with six sides inside a circle with six spokes coming out of the center with what appears like a snowflake/crystal type of structure. While searching for the simplest circle he could find, he discovered that when he spun the picture of the circle, the rings connected to the structure made a whole ring.

This led him to experiment with other circles, which yielded his ultimate hypotheses: 1) The formations are meant to be picked up from the field and reduced to a size that we can work with. 2) A small model should be made of the formation - which in these cases are flat discs. 3) The discs are meant to be spun. 4) The discs are best spun by mounting them on a central post. 5) When spun, the discs undergo a metamorphosis which reveals the information to be communicated.

Doug details the contraption he built in order to spin the images. At a certain speed, they becomes three-dimensional and solid. When he spun his models on his machine he saw semi-transparent fields where the model held items which extended asymmetrically. It was not long before the engineer in him figured out a working model of what appeared to be a spacecraft. He realized that in the crop circles we were actually being given the clues for building our own flying saucers - a massive leap forward in our technology. Richard C. Hoagland joined the conversation during hour 3, correlating Doug's research with his own on the Cydonia formations on Mars.

During the last hour, Open Lines callers discuss crop circles, and react to the guest's theories.


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