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Crop Circle Anomalies

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Date Host Art Bell

Appearing in hours 2-4, Eltjo Haselhoff has a Ph.D. in Theoretical and Experimental Physics and examined the crop circle phenomenon for over a decade, while personally visiting hundreds of formations. Born and educated in the Netherlands, Dr. Haselhoff worked at many research institutes, including Los Alamos National Laboratories. He has published dozens of articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, such as Journal of Applied Physics, and The Physical Review. His most recent article appeared in the prestigious, international scientific journal, Physiologia Planetarium. His book on the subject, The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles is the main focus of the interview.

At his first investigation of a formation, he tried flattening the crop, but found there was some sort of recoil. There are strange biological changes in the plants, he cited. By cooking these plants in the microwave, you can see similar modifications to the plants. One could argue that there is some type of radiation in the formation of these circles, he said. Art asks about balls of light that have been seen during the formation of crop circles and Haselhoff referred to eyewitnesses, who have seen evidence that something might be heating up the crops. He made a couple of his own crop circles so he could tell just how difficult it was to produce one.

He also talked about obscure mathematical formulas in certain circles. The discussion in hour 3 goes into the realm of other dimensions. Haselhoff discusses a man who sees other dimensions in his meditation – this same man sees similar images when in a crop circle. Haselhoff always gets a feeling when in a crop circle that someone is behind him, watching him. Other people have felt this same thing when in a circle.

During the first hour, Art discusses news of the day including the source of the anthrax scare, and the hunt for Bin Laden. Open Lines are also featured.


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