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Crystal Gayle & 'Midnight in the Desert'

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Date Host Art Bell

Beloved musician Crystal Gayle joins Art in hour 2 to talk about the song she recorded specifically for his show. Called "Midnight in the Desert," Art feels the song is a perfect fit for his program and was blown away by it – this was the first day he'd heard it, when he and Gayle had lunch earlier.

During the first hour, Art talks about an experiment he did the night before regarding Rush Limbaugh's loss of hearing. He asked the audience to think about Rush with the intent that his hearing gets better. Richard C. Hoagland joined the show to report on Princeton's Global Consciousness Experiment, which measures spikes in energy around the planet. 39 separate essential receiving points feed the info back to Princeton – and the night before they were listening due to Art’s experiment. There seemed to be a correlation, with the spikes taking off! The latter half of show features Open Lines.


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