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Dan Aykroyd on UFOs, PSI, and Anomalies

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Date Host Art Bell

Celebrated actor and businessman Dan Aykroyd and researcher David Sereda joined Art in hours 2-4. After a discussion of Ghostbusters 2, they talked about Native American elders. Sereda tells us that many of them say we are in the "4th world" – we’ve reached this level of civilization three times but we keep messing it up. Aykroyd talked about his TV show Psi Factor, featuring episodes inspired by real case files.

Dan shared details about his UFO sighting in hour 2. He saw two glowing white discs flying side-by-side. They crossed the entire sky in about twenty seconds. Four other people saw these discs with him, and he estimated they were flying approximately 15,000 mph. In hour 3, Sereda talks about the Dropa Stones which leads into a conversation about NASA. They talked about a man working at a cable TV station who recorded live NASA broadcasts – cataloging UFOs seen in STS75, 79 and 80. The UFOs seen in these videos are virtually identical to the shape of the Dropa Stones. They also speak of the anomalous NASA Tether overload Incident (video footage).

Open Lines are featured in Hour 1. A caller gives some tips on how to catch Bin Laden by using truth serum. Another caller tells her story when she was listening to the show about the Princeton mass consciousness experiment. She was driving, got a tingling sensation in her body while concentrating on the experiment, then lost control of the car – after swerving to miss a cat – hitting a utility pole, suffering no injuries. She is convinced there was something there that night protecting her – Art was more concerned for the cat.


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