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"If You Were God" Open Lines

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Date Host Art Bell

In this show devoted to Open Lines, Art asks the audience to ponder: “If you were God, what would you do differently?" Art reads headlines at the top of the show which includes an update on Enron. He compares the situation to Watergate. He also discusses time travel when he mentions the quantum computer.

Here are some of the answers callers gave to the God question:

  • A universal language for the world. And whenever you looked at another person, you would only see the love and beauty in that person.
  • Total immortality and the ability to fly anywhere for all higher forms of life.
  • All technology would stop.
  • Hate, greed, envy, and hunger would be eliminated.
  • All animals will be vegetarians. The caller was not a vegetarian.
  • There will be a planet for each race and one planet for all races.
  • Mankind would have 100% proof that there is a God.
  • Give humans a bit more clarity on the reason of their existence.
  • Battle with Satan. Winner takes all.
  • Go back to Genesis and make Adam and Eve eat the snake.
  • Give humankind a true timeline of our past.


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