Dean Koontz: Sci-Fi & Suspense

Dean Koontz: Sci-Fi & Suspense


HostArt Bell

Bestselling fiction author Dean Koontz was the guest from hours 2-4. Eight of Koontz’s novels had risen to number one on the New York Times hardcover bestseller list, making him one of only a dozen writers ever to have achieved that milestone. Koontz talked about his writing process and revealed that he always tries to do something different within the horror, sci-fi, and suspense genre. He discussed parallel universes and alternative realities, and his belief that consciousness might be the most powerful force in the universe.

Koontz also spoke about his book "Lightning," which proposed that the Nazis invented time travel, but could only go into the future-- to find futuristic weapons to help end the war. Koontz joked that if you have a choice between watching a movie based on his work or nailing your hand to the wall, he said you should nail your hand.

In the second half of the first hour, Richard C. Hoagland reported on the latest NASA news from Mars. The Mars Odyssey spacecraft was said to be looking at "high-priority targets." Steven Saunders, the project scientist, said they had many targets in mind, including the infamous "Face."