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Edgar Mitchell on the Moon

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Date Host Art Bell

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell is Art's guest in hours 1-4. Mitchell discusses photographs he obtained from Richard C. Hoagland. He says he doesn’t want to make much of a statement yet until he does more investigating. Art asks Mitchell about a comment he made on the show about how his memories of the landing are slightly missing and out of touch. As to what the Earth looks like form the Moon-- it’s directly overhead so you have to really lean back to see the Earth, Mitchell explained. He talks about being on the TV show "Sightings," and though he has no firsthand experiences of UFOs, he is very interested in the UFO/ET topic. Mitchell says there is no smoking gun evidence in the public domain but thinks there is evidence in the private domain that has the answer. Mitchell says he’s been working with people for years to uncover that information.

He reacts to a report from a scientist regarding traveling at the speed of light, noting that if you change some parameters in deep space, then the local speed of light would be greater, creating something like warp drive. Callers for Mitchell begin in hour 3. The first caller who gets through is a moon hoax person and the conversation becomes quite heated. Mitchell does not like this topic. The man asks how they survived the radiation – the caller and Mitchell go back and forth. Art keeps the caller on for quite some time and finds amusement in the exchange.

In the last hour, Art reports on earth changes, weather anomalies, and alien implants, plus Open Lines.


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