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Mars & Exploding Planet Hypothesis

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Date Host Art Bell

In hours 2-4, Art brings on (the late) astronomer Tom Van Flandern, who had a career as a professional scientist, but was noted as an outspoken proponent of non-mainstream views related to astronomy, physics, and extraterrestrial life. The discussion covers everything from Mars, black holes, ET life, comets, exploding planets, and the Big Bang. He begins talking about the Mars landers. Evidence shows a huge flood occurred on Mars, according to Van Flandern - it was massive and sudden. Van Flandern says it appears that Mars had an atmosphere as dense as the Earth's. This leads to a discussion of his exploding planet hypotheses and the idea that Mars was a moon of a larger planet that was destroyed.

They discuss the geology of Mars and how water on the planet may have been from the explosion. Regarding the Face on Mars, he suggests it was probably built by the beings living on the parent planet before exploding. Van Flandern says the planet's inhabitants would have known plenty of time in advance to prepare for this event and if they had space travel, they may have mounted an expedition to a distant world. He also talked about whether NASA would release images if they found something that was 100% proof of something not natural on a planet or moon in our solar system.

During the first hour, Art talks about political news of the day, and then is joined by Linda Moulton Howe for reports on HAARP and infectious diseases. Linda speaks with a Cornell professor on low frequency technology and HAARP, and whether this could be used for things such as mind control.


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