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Ghost-to-Ghost 2004

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Date Host Art Bell

Brendan Cook of Ghost Investigators Society joined host Art Bell at the top of the show to help introduce a recording Cook obtained from a journalist in Croatia. The tape, produced by Metascience Foundation under the direction of Dr. George W. Meeks, describes the SPIRICOM -- a device which uses tones and vibrations to allow two-way communication between the living and the dead. Art suggested the experiments of Metascience Foundation provide "hard evidence" of an afterlife.

At the conclusion of the SPIRICOM tape, Art took calls from people who've been attacked by entities. Several callers shared tales of nightmarish molestations at the "hands" of unseen assailants. Gene from Arizona described a time during his childhood when an entity came through the wall of his den and grabbed his ankles, pulling him toward wall. He escaped, but was left with bruises as a reminder of the encounter. Gregory from New York said a malevolent spirit pinned him to his bed and touched him with his bony long fingers, while repeatedly slamming his head into the pillow.

Another caller shared a frightening account his grandfather had relayed to him. According to the caller, his grandfather and a friend were traveling in a carriage when the friend threw an empty bottle of liquor into a cemetery. They watched as a ghost walked through the iron fence surrounding the graveyard, stopped the carriage horses and approached the two men. The entity passed his finger through the friend's boot and departed back through the fence. Shortly afterward, the grandfather's friend got sick and died of blood poisoning that had originated in his foot.

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