James Fox

James Fox


Director James Fox began his journalism career early in life as an assistant to his father, writer Charles Fox, a quadriplegic with Multiple Sclerosis. Together they travelled on many magazine assignments, interviewing such notables as Stephen Hawking and race car legend Dan Gurney for the likes of Rolling Stone, Car & Driver to Sports Illustrated. James finished and sold his first documentary to Discovery by the time he was 28. He has since completed and distributed TV projects for Sci-Fi, TLC, National Geographic and History Channel.



Past Shows:

  • Varginha Incident / Hostile UFOs

    Filmmaker James Fox's discussed his new documentary on the Varginha Incident, a 1996 UFO crash in Brazil. Followed by ufologist Brent Raynes on aggressive UFOs, including incidents where people were killed, paralyzed, or burned.More »
  • Dune, Sci-Fi, & UFOs / Open Lines

    Award-winning sci-fi author Kevin J. Anderson discussed the genre and his writing, as well as artificial intelligence. Followed by Open Lines in the latter part of the program.More »
  • Zimbabwe UFO Encounter / Haunted Locations

    Filmmaker James Fox, along with Lisil Field and Salma Siddick, discussed the Ariel School UFO encounter in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. Follwed by podcast host Kitsie Duncan who talked about her ghost hunting adventures.More »
  • Demonic Possession / UFO Disclosure

    Psychiatrist Richard Gallagher discussed the world of demonic possessions and exorcisms. Followed by James Fox on his new documentary about UFO disclosure, "The Phenomenon."More »
  • UFO Phenomenon / International Ufology

    James Fox discussed his new documentary about the UFO phenomenon (Related Material). Stephen Mera talked about international UFO incidents.More »
  • Linda Moulton Howe Retrospective / UFO Phenomena

    Linda Moulton Howe recalled milestones and revelations from her journalistic career. Lee Speigel and James Fox discussed their impending UFO documentary.More »
  • Ceres, Enceladus, & Earth's Core Changes

    Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed the unexplained lights coming from Ceres, new data about Saturn's moon Enceladus, and explanations for the mysterious rumbling booms and metallic sounds and their possible connection to changes in the Earth's core. ...More »
  • George's Birthday Bash

    In honor of George Noory's birthday, Coast to Coast partied in grand style with special guests, each half hour, joining the program to help celebrate another complete orbit around the sun for George. In the first hour, intuitive researcher and filmmaker David Wilcock...More »
  • Behind the UFO Phenomenon

    Documentary filmmaker James Fox and screenwriter and film producer Tracy Torme talked about their forthcoming feature film 701, a documentary which explores the origins of the UFO phenomenon, and the government suppression of evidence. First hour guest, author Guy Lyon...More »
  • UFOs / ET Contact

    In the first half, documentary filmmaker James Fox talked about his involvement in the new National Geographic Channel series Chasing UFOs. The first episode is centered on Texas, and features detailed information on the 2008 Stephenville UFO case. Noted alien abductee Travis...More »
  • Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident

    Documentary filmmaker James Fox, along with two witnesses, discussed the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident. Open Lines followed.More »
  • Metaphysical Techniques

    Appearing during the middle two hours, neurosurgeon John L. Turner M.D. spoke about his spiritual journey and study of metaphysical techniques. First hour guest, psychologist Vonda Pelto talked about her work with serial killers. In the last hour, filmmaker and UFO...More »
  • UFOs: Cases & Confrontations

    In a UFO Special, researcher & filmmaker James Fox and author Richard Dolan appeared separately and together to discuss disclosure, notable UFO cases and confrontations. Appearing during the second hour, Fox was joined by Stephenville, Texas UFO witness Ricky Sorrells, a...More »
  • UFO Special: Cases, Sightings & Disclosure

    A special 4-hour program devoted to UFO sightings and disclosure featured documentary filmmaker and UFO investigator James Fox and four additional guests.More »
  • Make 'Em Laugh!

    During Open Lines, George offered a special 'laugh line' for callers who wanted to talk about situations that made them break out in laughter.More »

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