Hopi Insights & Prophecy

Hopi Insights & Prophecy


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Appearing for the full show, native American elder Robert Ghostwolf shared insights on the state of the planet, prophecies for the future, and how technology can help the planet. He recounted seeing strange happenings in nature such as geese migrating in the wrong direction and puzzling animal mutations which seem to suggest that there is a tremendous electromagnetic fluctuation occurring. Ghostwolf also talked about how drumming can help one enter into a trance-like state.

Lamenting that it appears as if humanity has lost the drive to change the planet's fortunes, Ghostwolf mused that something needed to happen to reawaken that fire inside of humanity before it was too late. To that end, he argued that technology is not evil as it can be used to help reverse pollution and other adverse conditions on the planet. Looking ahead to the future, Ghostwolf predicted a change in energy shortly after the turn of the century and, in conjunction with that transformation, a possible period of three days of darkness.

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