Future of Technology

Future of Technology


HostArt Bell


Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku spoke about the future of technology, and how computers will eventually be the size of dust particles, and why he believes that we're undergoing the “greatest transition in the human race” with the development of amazing technology. But, he's concerned that we may destroy ourselves first. He also mused on the possibility of humans on Mars.

Kaku also talked about his new website and its design. Art took questions from listeners during hour three. One caller thinks Kaku is not as optimistic as he should be about the future of homo sapiens. Kaku stated his predictions are more realistic than they are optimistic. A man asks Kaku to explain global warming when it was -71 in Siberia. Kaku noted that the Earth is actually hotter than ever. The first hour featured news and Open Lines with such topics as Ebola, the work of Dr. Lorraine Day, and UFO reports.

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