Powers of the Mind

Powers of the Mind


HostArt Bell


Researcher Neil Slade discussed how people can release the power of the amygdala and the brain’s neurocircuits for increases in creativity, intelligence, and even paranormal abilities such as psychokinesis. Slade described how one man apparently set a newspaper on fire using only his mental powers. Previously at the Dormant Brain Research and Development Laboratory, Slade is also is well known for his Brain Music, which has been presented on national television.

He and Art talked about a video—which Slade says is 100% real—depicting a man from Indonesia doing amazing things with his mind. He also relayed a story about a man who can use his brain to create a very powerful electric current that flows through his body in order to perform electric acupuncture. Art and Slade entertained the notion that humans might have two brains. When Art asked what our second brain might think about, Slade replied that it’s not a verbal brain; it’s more intuitive and telepathic.

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