Understanding Scientology

Understanding Scientology


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In the first two hours, Heber Jentzsch, president of the Church of Scientology International, outlined the basics of the organization's religious philosophy, including the belief that disease can be cured through psychological means. Scientology is not just dogma; it's something a person can apply in their life, Jentzsch said. Discussing God, he explained that they do believe in a supreme being, but anyone from any faith can be a Scientologist. When we die, he went on, a spiritual being comes back into the body and lives again.

Callers then presented Jentzsch with questions and comments, some of which were contentious. One listener asked him about heaven and hell. Man is mostly good, he replied, but still acts badly at times. In response to another caller's question, Jentzsch acknowledged he's seen faith healing happen, but argued that the difference with Scientology is they teach people to heal themselves with a specific technology. Saying he has a friend who lost everything because of Scientology. a listener asked, "Why take everybody's money?" Jentzsch answered that people actually tend to make more money when they're in Scientology. The last three hours consisted of news and Open Lines, covering topics including North Korea, Bill Clinton's meeting with the Pope, and Rodney King.

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