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Remote Viewing Experiment

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Date Host Art Bell

In this night of Open Lines, in the second hour, Art kicks off a live remote viewing experiment. He has an object with him in the studio, which he concentrates on as much as he can during the show. There is even ten seconds of on-air silence as he really focuses on it. He comments that there is no way someone can nail this. Art gives no info about the object other than he has it with him.

Somebody guesses it correctly via fax. Art can't believe it. So he calls him up live on the air. The man's name is Craig and his response: "I got it, mom." He had never done this type of thing before. He tells Art how he did it and he says he envisioned the spot and then zoomed in on the site. Art encourages him to do some research and look into his ability. Art does not give away what the object is right away just in case anyone else can guess it.

Art takes "Fast Blast" calls during the fourth hour. Ed Dames connects with Art to tell him what they are technically doing on the show is not remote viewing but telepathy. And the end of hour four, Art announces what the object is.

During the first hour, Art reveals that it's his birthday, and plays audio from the network wishing him a happy birthday. He shares news of the day, including a Value Jet crash, Whitewater, and Vince Foster's death, which callers react to


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