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Remote Viewing Special

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Date Host Art Bell

This Remote Viewing special featured Lyn Buchanan (all five hours), Paul Smith (hours 1-3) and Joseph McMoneagle (hours 1-3), who all served as remote viewers in the government's secret Project Stargate. The three described their different approaches to remote viewing – Smith and Buchanan use the technique of Controlled Remote Viewing, which Smith refers to as "disciplined clairvoyance."When Art asks them if they can read minds, there is a slight pause and the men laugh. Smith mentions that you can obtain information from someone but it’s not as literal as most people conceive it to be.

In one test, McMoneagle scored 100%-- identifying 52 cards correctly. He says a very good remote viewer can be expected to make contact with a target about 60—75% of the time. The accuracy will run from 35-88% and there are times when a very good remote viewer will get 100%. They discussed something they did called "The Great Christmas Attack" – Ed Dames was the monitor. One by one, they remote viewed Santa Claus, and by the time Buchanan did his session, he began describing bells, a sleigh, and a red suit. It was a joke they played on Dames.

Art asked if any of them had remote viewed Jesus. Buchanan sad he was given this target once and the session with the holy being changed his life. McMoneagle talked about remote viewing Roswell. There were some indications that there was an incident there, but he did not view an alien craft. During the show, Ed Dames’ secretary faxes Art to clarify a few things.


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