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'Rocket Guy' Plans Space Launch

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Date Host Art Bell

Brian Walker describes how he has built a steam rocket to launch himself into space. A self-made millionaire and an inventor of children’s toys, he explains how the rocket process will work, reaching speeds of 2200 miles per hour. After ascending 32 miles into the sky, a giant airbag will slow the craft down during re-entry, he notes. Art shares how he tried making rockets as a kid and should probably be dead after so many failed attempts.

Building a rocket like this has been Walker's dream for many years. May 30, 2002 was the original launch date for the mission. Walker says he has not spoken with the FAA and that he will apply for a waiver. He says that he will not let a bureaucracy stop him when there are so many other hurdles he needs to jump over. He has no doubt the Mexican government wouldn’t mind him launching there. Art takes calls for the guest starting in hour 4, with such topic as how Brian will land the craft, and can this sort of endeavor be insured?

Open Lines are featured in the first hour.


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