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75 Years After Roswell
75 Years After Roswell
UFO researchers Graeme Rendall and Richard Dolan spoke about the 75th anniversary of Roswell and the Kenneth Arnold 'flying saucer sighting, along with other cases from that era, and military cover-ups.


Corporate Food Production / Ghosts & Oliver Cromwell
Corporate Food Production / Ghosts & Oliver Cromwell

First Half: Radio talk show host Michael Olson has been farming since the age of six. He'll discuss the global corporate consolidation of food production—and how the increase in artificial and fake foods is destroying the quality of food.

Second Half: Author Tom Reilly lives in Drogheda, Ireland in one of the most haunted castles, and has taken on the might of academia regarding parts of Irish history. He'll talk about the huge amount of ghost stories and myths in Ireland, including many about the infamous Oliver Cromwell.

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