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Celebrity Tragedies / UAP Investigations
Celebrity Tragedies / UAP Investigations
Author Donald Jeffries discussed his book, On Borrowed Fame, which explores the darker side of fame. Researcher Micah Hanks provided an update on a proposal to setup a U.S. government office to look into UAPs.


Life After Death
Life After Death

First Half: Nick Cook, defense and aerospace journalist, is one of the winners of Bob Bigelow's BICS contest. He joins George Knapp to discuss his award and the essay he submitted on the survival of human consciousness after death, along with his continued work researching zero gravity and UAP.

Second Half: Bernardo Kastrup is a leader in the modern renaissance of metaphysical idealism—the notion that reality is essentially mental, and a contender to replace 'scientific' materialism. He'll talk about his award-winning essay on a case for postmortem survival based solely on mainstream science, along with his work in analytic idealism.

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