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Moon Landing Hoax
Moon Landing Hoax
Bart Sibrel revealed why he thinks the Apollo moon landings were hoaxed and how government agencies have tried to stop the truth from getting out. In hour one, Nick Bryant and Pete Shinn on their efforts to bring the perpetrators in the Epstein trafficking network to justice.


Wikipedia Cabal / Afterlife Guardians
Wikipedia Cabal / Afterlife Guardians

First Half: Rob Heatherly, a former US marine who runs the Military Witnesses to UAP YouTube channel, has investigated a cabal within Wikipedia that controls and debunks the pages of various UFO researchers. He joins George Knapp to discuss the abuses he’s uncovered, along with Ali Duncan, who ran into difficulties when she tried to correct errors on George Knapp's wiki page.

Second Half: Stafford Betty is an afterlife researcher, novelist, and retired college professor of religious studies. As explored in his new novel, he'll discuss the astral world's guardians and how they handle various challenges, including the management and politics of the afterworld.

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