Nancy du Tertre

Nancy du Tertre


Nancy du Tertre, known as “The Skeptical Psychic,”™ is an attorney specializing in securities litigation, and is a well-known trained psychic detective, spiritual medium and remote viewer. She works with law enforcement and victims’ families to help find missing persons, as well as doing private readings for an international clientele. She is a former CBS radio show host and a frequent media guest and speaker on topics ranging from extraterrestrial/alien spoken and written languages, remote viewing techniques, paranormal activity, psychic detective work, to trance and physical me diumship skills. Nancy is also certified for more than 20 years in Intuitive Gestalt Psychotherapy and teaches her own radically different brand of remote viewing or psychic spying, called “TSP” in worldwide online classes.



Past Shows:

  • Enigmatic Explorations / UAP Update

    Journalist Douglas Preston shared true stories about lost tombs, enigmatic murders, and buried treasure. Followed by attorney Nancy du Tertre on her UAP research.More »
  • Egyptian Pharaohs / Consciousness & Psychic Energy

    Egyptologist and author Kara Cooney discussed the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and their dynastic rules. Followed by remote viewer and energy healer Nancy du Tertre on the state of human consciousness during the pandemic.More »
  • China's Secret Space Program / Psychokinesis & Alien Healing

    Michael Salla shared details of China's secret space program. Followed by Nancy du Tertre, with an unusual tale of psychokinesis and alien healing.More »
  • Numerology Insights / TSP Remote Viewing

    Numerologist Glynis McCants offered analysis for 2018 and 2019. Followed by Nancy DuTertre on her own method of remote viewing.More »
  • Bilderberger Secrets/ Psychic Skills

    Journalist Daniel Estulin discussed the agenda of elite groups. Followed by psychic Nancy du Tertre on intuition skills, and alien communications.More »
  • Mysterious Lighthouse Disappearances

    Investigative author Keith McCloskey joined George Knapp to discuss the mysterious disappearance back in 1900 of three lighthouse keepers from Eilean Mor, a small island, off the rocky west coast of Scotland. First hour guest, Nancy du Tertre, a trained psychic detective...More »
  • Electromagnetic Dangers/ Alien Communications

    In the first half, medical journalist Katie Singer discussed how human-made electromagnetic fields, like Wi-Fi and mobile phone networks are overwhelming our ability to process their excessive levels. In the latter half, author and 'skeptical psychic' Nancy du Terte talked...More »
  • Psychic Intuition / Open Lines

    In the first half, George Noory welcomed 'the skeptical psychic,' Nancy Du Tertre, for a discussion on intuition and her work as a psychic detective, spiritual medium, and medical intuitive. Followed by Open Lines.More »
  • Outbreaks / Psychic Abilities

    In the first half, Dr. Gary Ridenour talked about various disease outbreaks such as Hantavirus, as well as West Nile, and Lyme disease. Hantavirus is spread by the deer mouse, and there's been a recent outbreak at Yosemite National Park from people who stayed in the "signature...More »

Last Night

Anomalous Health Incidences / Demons & Entities
Anomalous Health Incidences / Demons & Entities
Retired firefighter and paramedic Jesse Beltran discussed Havana Syndrome and mysterious medical implants. Followed by paranormal consultant June Lundgren, who shared her experiences with demons and angels.


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