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Killer Volcanoes / Moon Landing Skepticism
Killer Volcanoes / Moon Landing Skepticism
Prof. Peter Ward talked about killer volcanoes like the recent Tonga eruption, and the dangers of Yellowstone. Followed by UK publisher Marcus Allen on the possibility that the moon landings were hoaxed.


Archaeological Discoveries / Animal Communication
Archaeological Discoveries / Animal Communication

First Half: Former National Geographic Magazine staff writer Ann Williams has studied Classical and Near Eastern archaeology, West Asian archaeology, and Egyptology. She specializes in writing about the ancient world and cultural heritage preservation, and will share new discoveries in archaeology around the world.

Second Half: C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones presents her interview with animal psychic Amelia Kinkade. She teaches people to better communicate with pets and other animals through such techniques as aligning with their thoughts, emotions, and frequencies. 

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