Allie Anderson

Allie Anderson


Allie Anderson-Henson oversees the research arm of SkyWatch TV and Defender Publishing. Her exploratory works have appeared in numerous books, documentaries, magazines, and television specials.



Past Shows:

  • AI: Destroyer or Savior? / Revelation's 'Beast'

    AI expert Alex Tsakiris delved into benefits and dangers of artificial intelligence. Followed by author Allie Anderson, who reflected on the intersection between AI and biblical prophecies, such as the "mark of the beast."More »
  • Angel Encounters / Evolution Theories

    Allie Anderson and Donna Howell talked about angelic encounters. Jeffrey Lyons followed with a discussion taking a critical look at evolution.More »

Last Night

Divine Interview / Are You a Starseed?
Divine Interview / Are You a Starseed?
Psychic medium Sondra Sneed revealed information she has received from a higher dimensional intelligence, known as Source. Followed by spiritual teacher Matthew John who delved into the origins and characteristics of Starseeds.


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