John Russell

John Russell


John Russell has over 45 years of expertise as a professional psychic with a worldwide clientele, and as a paranormal investigator who has witnessed over 800 supernatural manifestations. He's also been an avid motorcyclist for over 50 years.



Past Shows:

  • Extinction Events / Ghostly Phenomena

    Author and researcher Steve Quayle warned over extinction protocols - things currently in play that can destroy humanity. Followed by psychic investigator John Russell on cloudbusting and haunted houses and objects.More »
  • Mysterious Disappearances / Paranormal Incidents

    Investigator David Paulides discussed people vanishing in the wilderness under mysterious circumstances, particularly in Idaho. Followed by psychic John Russell on paranormal incidents and communications.More »
  • Secret Govt. UFO Program / Spooky Encounters

    George Knapp, joined by Colm Kelleher, and James Lacatski, former DIA manager, talked about their new book, on the connection between a UFO program and Skinwalker Ranch. Followed by paranormal investigator John Russell on his spooky encounters.More »
  • Weedkiller Dangers / Spirits & Anomalies

    MIT researcher Stephanie Seneff discussed the evidence that the weedkiller glyphosate is responsible for debilitating chronic diseases. Followed by paranormal investigator John Russell on ghosts, EVPs, and the afterlife.More »
  • Behind-the-Scenes at 60 Minutes / Supernatural Manifestations

    Producer Ira Rosen discussed his time working behind-the-scenes at 60 Minutes. Followed by psychic John Russell on strange entities and manifestations.More »
  • Energy Technology & Healing / Strange Manifestations

    Tom Valone discussed his work with bio-electromagnetic healing and Tesla technology. Followed by psychic and paranormal investigator John Russell who shared his unusual experiences.More »

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Marilyn Monroe Mysteries / Psychic Gifts
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